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Cable & Wireless "Happy Hours" Promotion TV Commercial

As part of our continued partnership with Cable & Wireless Seychelles, we were tasked with creating a television commercial to aid CWS in publicising one of their promotions known as ‘Happy Hours’.

CWS are a premier telecommunications company located in the Seychelles. The company was created in 1893 and has evolved to become one of the most profitable telecommunications company in that region. CWS provides services for a large number of businesses in the Seychelles as well as supplying fixed, mobile and broadband services for the public.

The premise of the ‘Happy Hours’ service is that with this particular promotion there is no bandwidth limit between certain hours; in this particular case from 11pm to 6am.

Our brief was to create an advert that was similar in style and aesthetics to the 7digit advert that we also created for CWS. CWS were keen on the typography animation we used for that particular commercial, and were eager to use it again. With this particular task we had far more time to play with and consequently we were able to be much freer and explorative with the animation we used.

The concept of the advert was speed, and via a fast paced voiceover and speedy animation we were able to convey the sense of a fast and reliable service. Whilst everything within the commercial is done very quickly, it is also done without error, and that is something that we built conceptually into the commercial.

This was a product right up our street as we were able to be involved in every aspect of the production. In addition to the animation, we also constructed the sound; this was designed in house. We were very pleased with the finished product and were delighted to be able to use our whole team to create something unique.

Simply put, Maven have taken TV advertising production in Seychelles to a new, unprecedented level. From the storyboard to full-fledged production, these guys give you an A to Z product, with a clear understanding of what the client wants and what their business needs. From typography to 3D animation, Maven have the capabilities and competencies to deliver cutting edge commercials that stand out from the rest!
-- David Deltel, Manager Marketing Communications, Cable & Wireless

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