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Creative Agency specialising in Design, Print, Web & TV

PureFM website

When PureFM, broadcasting from the Seychelles, wanted a website to complement their 24/7 interactive radio coverage, they turned to us knowing we would leave no pebble on the beach unturned in order to let them make waves in the most effective way.

As a recently launched, privately-owned commercial radio station, PureFM wanted to connect with the people of the Seychelles, and those with connections to the country now living all round the world, in a dynamic and contemporary way via a stylish website, which could stream its programmes on the internet and at the same time get across the cultural identity so important to the audience and advertisers.

Our brief was to provide a website allowing PureFM’s team of journalists, presenters and producers to interface with their audience and help drive ratings in order to make it the most popular radio station on the Seychelles.

Our proven content management system (Drupal CMS) was ideal for the station staff to update schedules and charts and maintain content information and presenter profiles on the site quickly and efficiently, while also encouraging visitors to interact swiftly and regularly.

The Drupal system also meant we could keep on extending the site in order to accommodate future products, services and features, while also being able to vary themes at times like Easter and Christmas by utilising Drupal’s separation of logic and theme layers.

The site needed to be widely accessible, so we developed it with a ‘responsive’ design allowing the content to flow and fit all types of screens, including tablets and smartphones, encouraging PureFM listeners to interact with the station easier while on the move.


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