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Creative Agency specialising in Design, Print, Web & TV

Cable & Wireless Website

The complete rebuild of the Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) website, has been a significant project for us and is still ongoing. The CWS website is quite probably the most visited local website in the Seychelles, registering huge numbers of hits. Offering fixed, mobile and broadband services for both residential customers and businesses, CWS - established in 1893 - is part of Cable & Wireless Communications, operating in thirty eight countries around the world.

CWS approached us, wanting us to build their website from the ground up. They were looking for a site that allowed easy content management, while featuring a user interface and complete user experience that was more in line with the CWS brand than before.

We were also tasked with ensuring tight integration between the new CWS site and their existing social media (via Facebook, Twitter and Google+), in addition to bringing certain CWS services and information online to ease the workloads of call centre and sales staff.

For us, Drupal CMS ticked all the boxes, affording CWS the independence to manage their own site updates, but also laying the foundations for future changes. The modularity of the Drupal system allows future expansion into new features, products and services, while the separation of logic and theme layers that Drupal provides mean that we are able to change the overall theme of the site for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas (which CWS do regularly) without affecting the site's uptime.

When considering a web agency, creativity, development skills and real project management are required. Maven tops these by adding a rare mix of engagement and listening skills. What makes them unique is their transparency, the ability to always stay true and clear under pressure. As you engage into the journey with the Team, they will go out of their way to fulfill your business needs with a great attention to detail . . . where 21st century meets handcraft mindset.
-- Jean-Michel Chanut, Marketing Director, Cable & Wireless

Our work with CWS is ongoing, with requests to add new sections and new features to the site almost daily; a great project that offers us regular challenges.


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