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Raising the bar for Seychelles’ magazines

Potpourri is a popular local lifestyle magazine based in the Seychelles, covering beauty, fashion, local profiles, eating out and much more. While the publication has done well to raise the profile of magazine publishing locally, the design and layout needed some development - and that's where we came in.

Potpourri's aim was to bring the design, layout and overall look and feel of the magazine up to the level of established international lifestyle publications, and we were tasked with undertaking this exciting project.

We began by working very closely with the Potpourri team to develop a theme and image that would be carried right through from start to finish in order to make the magazine cohesive, allowing it to flow more naturally. This was followed by a focus on the fonts and typography used throughout the publication, and a redesign of the Potpourri logo to fit in with the rest of the new magazine. Maven then worked with the printing press used by Potpourri to make sure that our design was produced in exactly the way we imagined.

Our work with Potpourri spanned twelve issues, a whole year of Potpourri magazines, with the new format and style. Since then, we have handed the design work back to Potpourri's in-house team, who are well on their way to achieving the significant improvements that we put in place.

In the hands of Maven during the course of the past 12 months, the public has seen a magazine go from strength to strength in terms of layout, look and feel. The value of their partnership in the magazine’s growth can never be overlooked. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with in that particular phase of the magazine’s lifespan.
-- Marie-France Watson, Chief Editor, Potpourri Magazine

Below, you’ll find some examples of the work we did for them:

Below are some example issues that have been released over the last year:

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