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Four Seasons Kid's Club Booklet

Family is a large part of the Maven culture, with many of us being proud parents. So when Four Seasons Resort Seychelles tasked us with creating a booklet for their kid's club we saw it as a great opportunity to get into the minds of our little counterparts.

The Four Seasons 'Pti Torti Kids's Club' lets kids discover the secrets of the island through fun activities and games. From indoor educational activities to outdoor ones like 'Crab Hunting' and roasting marshmallows by a campfire little kiddies will enjoy endless entertainment.

Obviously we couldn't embark on this project without sampling the kid's activities first hand. Only kidding - we'll leave that to the kids!

Our task was to create a captivating and engaging booklet that would promote the club to parents and kids alike. We created a series of original illustrations, each hand drawn with the aim of being fun and vibrant. The illustrations were then used to put together the final design for the booklet and sent off to our production team for printing.

You can see our original, hand drawn illustrations below:

And the final product:

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