Creative Agency specialising in Design, Print, Web & TV
Creative Agency specialising in Design, Print, Web & TV

On board with the University of Seychelles

In 2007 the President of the Republic, James Michel, announced plans for a Seychelles university.

To start off, the university offered undergraduate courses in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. Its long term aim though was to establish a B.Ed degree (four years), a post-graduate teaching qualification (PGCE – one year duration), an additional Computer degree course in Creative Computing and further degree courses in the fields of Business and Finance, Environmental Science (with an emphasis on marine biology) and Humanities and Arts subjects.

From the beginning we supported this brave move because education is important to us. We see the University of Seychelles as crucial for getting the people of Seychelles to benefit from higher education at home without the financial burden of foreign study.

That’s why, when we were asked to design and develop the University of Seychelles’ website, we welcomed the chance to put our skills to work for them.

We also made quite a sizeable donation to the University to help get them started and show our support for their achievements.